Are You Searching for Home Additions Near Sykesville, MD?

Need More Living Space?

Love your home, but find that you don’t have enough space? Want to get more room, extra bedrooms, or a space for yourself but don’t want to leave your neighborhood? An addition is the perfect way to stay put while growing. We can add additional square feet almost anywhere you need. Our team will go about getting the permits and ensuring that all rules and regulations are followed so that you don’t run into problems.

At MP Construction & Excavation, our additions grow not only your inside space, but we can help to add beautiful outdoor space as well. We can build deck space to help add even more living options to your property. Call us today or fill out the form below to get started.

Make Your Home Work For You

There is no limit to what your addition can be or do. We can build out a new master bedroom and ensuite for you, create a bar for friends to gather, design a newer, bigger kitchen expansion, or add bedrooms for your growing family. Additions and expansion can be added to the first floor or the second floor with proper planning.

Home additions don’t just add space, they add value and potential to your home. Consider it an investment in your family, your home, and your future. Only work with a company that has all of the tools and skills necessary to provide an addition that looks like it was always a part of your home and delivers everything that you need.